Where (workshops held)
  • Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo
  • Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
  • Gyldendal, Copenhagen
  • Textilskolen, Copenhagen
  • Aarhus Theatre, Aarhus

The Art Study of the Mouth

Based on my work to develop a design methodology to transform mouthfeel to colour, material and structure, I organized a mouth-led workshop at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, April 2017.
Mouthfeel is the tactile sense of eating. It is the sensory characteristics which are materialized by the structural qualities of food. In my research I concentrate on the texture of food and study the sensations which emerge in the mouth. In this space shapes, volumes and gradations grow. My aim was to develop a methodology to translate these volatile impressions to lasting expressions embodied in colour, materials and texture. And to transform these findings aesthetically into printed textiles.