Talk on Danish Design


I believe that storytelling based on artefacts can create a shared language because they are concrete. The talks are based on design anthropology and state a particular participatory approach for creating new insights that evolve around the participant’s experiences. Thereby the talks become a shared space for exploration to which all participants can commit and learn.

I present a toolkit with Danish design objects and tell the story of Danish design in brief, from Danish Modern to now. The aim is to describe how Danish values are embedded in our everyday objects. This talk offers an insight into Danish design and culture and provides tools to uncover how form and values are connected. The design dialogues are based on tangible objects and are collaborative, exploratory and creative – a temporary space for experimentation and mutual learning.


The talk in which I explore the interplay between form and values in Danish design and beyond, has successfully been conducted at various cultural institutions in Denmark. Among other places at Design Museum Denmark, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and the publishing bureau Gyldendal, Silkeborg Højskole, Textilskolen and Talentskolen. The participants encompassing schoolchildren, design students, high school students and design teachers.