Textile projects

Danish Art Workshops

Residency at The Danish Art Workshops, 2020

The Danish Art Workshops (SVFK) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, whose purpose is to provide working facilities for particularly demanding art works. The workshops make it possible to work in large formats.

I was privileged to work at the tufting workshop for 6 weeks in Autumn 2020. Here I developed and designed four wall hangings using different yarns. The wall hangings can be used as decoration, acoustic regulations or be seen as art pieces.

For more info: https://svfk.dk/project/marie-hugsted-20×20-og-guul

Exhibition 20x20

KONTEMPO group show

20×20 is a laboratory where KONTEMPO explores the possibilities of textiles. Each person created 20 squares size 20×20 cm. Together the multiple squares made a patch work landscape with new patterns and material meetings. The colour scheme was grades of purple, brown and yellow.

The exhibition took place at Udstillingssted for Tekstil, Copenhagen in November 2020.

My contribution was 20 squares made with the technique tufting.

For more info: http://kontempo.dk/

Exhibition Is This...

KONTEMPO group show

In the absence of colour, other qualities of an object moves forward. Your tactile senses are heightened when colour is removed. By submerging the audience into a monochromatic experience, we hope to sharpen the senses. The objects gathered are curiously composed observations and experiments, a process in material manipulation, attempting to push forward a new sense of the unknown. We want to question these inherent haptic qualities, patterns and ask ourselves again in unison: what is this? or rather, #Is this…? 

The exhibit is an installation of experiments displaying 8 designers different methodology and process is generating new ideas. They are sketches, doodles and odd objects often found on the table top of an artist or a designer. This is an attempt to freeze a blurred moment in our design processes and take a look, question and analyze, together.

For more info: https://www.formdesigncenter.com/utstallningar/is-this-2/

Art Studio of the Mouth

Tokyo, 2018 – Bunka Fashion College

Based on my work to develop a design methodology to transform mouthfeel to colour, material and structure, I organized a mouth-led workshop at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, April 2017.
Mouthfeel is the tactile sense of eating. It is the sensory characteristics which are materialized by the structural qualities of food. In my research I concentrate on the texture of food and study the sensations which emerge in the mouth. In this space shapes, volumes and gradations grow. My aim was to develop a methodology to translate these volatile impressions to lasting expressions embodied in colour, materials and texture. And to transform these findings aesthetically into printed textiles.

Background of the project: tokyo_presentation (1)